SJU Student Discusses Finding a Place

SJU student discusses finding a place after transferring.

SJU student discusses coming in as a transfer student sophomore year. More videos like this one on the topic of Belonging can be found by going to

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A complete transcript of the video reads as follows:
So when I first got here just like going out and and meeting people. So living with transfer students helped dramatically decreases my stress levels, just not having to worry about like meeting people the first days, I was able to get food and find classes easier knowing that like I had people living in my room and also on the same floor, so it definitely helped, I’d say, transition from my last school to here.
Coming in living with transfer students was nice, but it didn’t help me to meet non-transfer students, I was kind of secluded to that friend group at the time, but as time went on I was able to meet new people. So this year I joined a couple clubs, which I did not do last year: Frisbee, choir, and flag football, so that was a nice segue of meeting people, it helped to like meet people outside.
Being a transfer student, for once, kind of- it was helpful for meeting people, because people were like ‘Oh, where did you transfer from,’ so that was a good way of, like, just meeting people in general because people were curious about it.
But advice for incoming transfer students, just don’t over think it I guess, you’ll definitely, as long as you get involved in organizations you’ll meet people and you’ll just forget, like, that you’re a transfer student like, it wont matter.

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