A silent yet persistent problem facing colleges and universities is that a significant number of students, faculty, and staff—especially those in underrepresented groups—feel as if they don’t belong. The results are devastatingly consistent: anger at the institution, isolation from peers, disinterest in work, and, sometimes, loneliness to the point of despair. According to Teniell Trolian, PhD, author of "Experiences With Diversity and Students' Satisfaction and Sense of Belonging at Research Universities," "The opportunity is sort of ripe for us to think about: How do we improve the climate for all students?"

That is the goal of this project—to start a conversation about how the Saint Joseph’s University campus climate can be a more welcome, inclusive, and open space. The brave people of the SJU community who have chosen to share their stories with us have done so in an attempt to shine a light on what has been hidden and remind all viewers that anybody could be struggling, regardless of academic major, age, background, or identity. Our hope is that these stories will make an impact on those who choose to hear to them, and that those people will be open to others on campus and go on to either share their own stories. Start listening. #StartTalkingSJU